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Dear Year 6 Parents and Carers,

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome your child to St Andrew the Apostle School in September. We are delighted that your child will be joining our school for the next chapter in their school life. Rest assured, they are going to have an amazing and successful time at St Andrew the Apostle School.

Making the transition from Primary School to Secondary School is an important step in every child’s life. With the current situation we have put together some welcome resources so you can get to know more about us and the school. Many families have a lot of the same questions and concerns surrounding transition and we are committed to working with you to address any issues. All of the key information you need as parents will be uploaded to this website for easy access. We also have a number of fun interactive resources for your children to engage with which will help to prepare them for the big move.

We know that starting secondary school is an exciting time but it can also be a little bit daunting for Year 6 students as they are transferring from a relatively small school to a larger one. Please don’t worry however - we are here to fully support their transition journey and will be using this website and other interactive resources to make your child’s introduction to St Andrew the Apostle a safe, smooth and special one. Making the move from Year 6 to Year 7 is an exciting time, with lots of changes to prepare for: a new timetable, new teachers, new subjects and even new friends.

We have really enjoyed meeting you with our new Year 7 students over the last few weeks and showing you around our school.

This page has been set up to help you and your child to transition from Primary to Secondary Education. This is also a great way in which to keep in contact with us between now and September 2021.  

Soon you will receive an invitation for your child to participate in a variety of competitions on the VIP zone and we will invite your child to join us in face-to-face lessons at our school commencing after 21 June.

We look forward to welcoming your child soon and in the meantime please keep visiting this website for updated content.

Mrs I. Warwick Mr M. Vassiliou
Headteacher  Senior Deputy Headteacher

Year 6 Transition Information – September 2021

Transition Activities Challenges:

Your child will be invited to participate in various competitions and asked to complete a series of tasks prior to their first day at St Andrew the Apostle School. Please click on the links below to view and download the tasks.

A Message from the Head of Year 7