Year 11 — Greek

Term 1: Cultural Life

Students will consider cultural life including reading, film and television; celebrations and festivals and role models.

In this unit, pupils will learn about social life and celebrations, including food for special occasions, shopping and clothes, daily lives, and festivals, traditions and celebrations. This unit will be the occasion to develop cultural awareness.

Assessment which examines Writing, Reading and Listening based on Term 1 topic.

Speaking to be practice in class.

πολιτιστική ζωή

cultural life



το διάβασμα


τηλεοπτικά προγράμματα

tv programmes

τα αρνητικά

the negative aspects

κοινωνικές εκδηλώσεις

social events

δίνω παράδειγμα

set an example







ήθη και έθιμα


  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Social
  • Cultural

Develop the individual:

Students will think about role models and the kinds of behaviours they emulate. They will consider what entertains and motivates them as individuals. This module informs students on cultural life and family traditions in French-speaking countries, encouraging them to make comparisons with their own traditions and cultures.

Create a supportive community:

Thinking about personal beliefs will ensure that students consider the beliefs and values of those around them. Mixed media will present opportunities to explore values and traditions.This module is a platform for inter-cultural conversations and comparisons, using Greece as a starting point for conversations and leading on to the cultures which are represented in the classroom.

Term 2: Future aspirations

Students will further their understanding of future aspirations but with a focus on different grammatical concepts. The unit is about work: jobs, work preferences, career choices, qualifications, technology, plans, hopes and wishes applying for jobs.

Year 11 Mock 1

Students will sit all four exam papers and they will be assessed in all the topics that we have covered so far.


secondary teacher





σχολική ζωή

school life






I adore


I compare

εξωσχολικές δραστηριότητες

extra-curricular acitivities


I understand

οι σχολικοί κανόνες

school rules

  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Social
  • Cultural

Develop the individual:

Students will listen to one another discuss their hopes for the future and consider their own ambitions. In a world where the economy has become global, the workplace is not limited to our local environment. Through this unit of studies and work, students can widen their horizons and extend their professional ambitions beyond the boarders of their own country.

Create a supportive community:

Conversation about futures will enable students to think about what motivates others and in turn, the similarities and differences between them and others. This unit is relevant to every student, through their individual aspirations. Consequently, it lends itself very naturally to a supportive learning community.

Term 3: Technology and social media

Students will further their understanding of technology, television and social media but with a focus on different grammatical concepts. Also, this unit is all about technology: tv programmes, cinema, social media, use of technology and benefits and potential dangers of using online platforms.

50 minutes assessment.

Students will be assessed in all the skills required for the GCSE exams in a 50 minutes assessment.


cv (curriculum vitae)



αγορά εργασίας

labour market

δουλειά μερικής απασχόλησης

part-time job



τα προσόντα





master's degree


I show


I gain



  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Social
  • Cultural

Develop the individual:

Students will develop their use of grammar in order to improve their ability to clearly express their needs and thoughts and describe activities and objects. The module allows students to discover cultures and experiences, and encourages them to contrast with their own lives and experiences. Students can think about how they would cope with holiday disasters.

Create a supportive community:

This will result in improved co-operation and more effective and purposeful discussion. By sharing experiences about holidays and/ or lives in other countries, student develop their resilience when faced with unexpected or unfamiliar situations.

Term 4: Intrnational & Global Dimensions

Students will consider: International and Global dimensions, bringing the world together, sports and music events, campaigns and good causes, environmental issues.

Mock 2

Students sit the four papers in exam conditions and are graded according to the GCSE grade boundaries. All skills are assessed, covering the full content of the specification.



κάνω κράτηση, κλείνω

make a reservation, book








I complain


I change



απαγορεύεται να

it is forbidden





  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Social
  • Cultural

Develop the individual:

Students will discuss how they form a part of a much bigger community. They will consider culture and how different individuals can compromise for a common goal. They will be able to discuss about sport and music festivals, volunteering, charities and all the actions that can unite the world. Students learn about environmental and social issues and reflect on how these could be resolved.

Create a supportive community:

International and world events will be explored and students will think about the relationships that create a positive environment and enriching experience. Students will discuss about international events and learn how to respect the different, while they will consider who people can compromise for the common good. Also, students consider their place in the world and consider strategies to improve the world for everyone.

Term 5: Revision

Revision of all themes, grammar and aspects. Students will be provided with revision resources and activities in order to recall, revise and practice their knowledge in all themes and grammar.

Ongoing sample questions that mirror the examination questions. Students will be provided with several exam style question in order to practice their knowledge and also familiarise themselves with exam questions format and techniques. Also, these sample questions aim to improve their time management skills.

  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Social
  • Cultural

Develop the individual:

This will develop the ability to sift through information and content in order to choose the correct language for the situation and examination question. Also, this give the opportunity and the responsibility to the students to practice their critical thinking skills as well as they learn how to manage their time.

Create a supportive community:

Group revision sessions will pool the experiences and understanding of the students and they will share their revision and co-operate in preparing for the GCSE examination.Students are also expected to work collaboratively inside nd outside the classroom in order to further develop their knowledge and understanding.