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Students enjoy half-term trip to Classical Greece

Greece 2017

Greek and classics lessons came to life during a half-term visit to Greece.

Twenty-four Year 9 and 10 students spent a week visiting ancient sites and monuments during what was the first trip to the country organised by our Classics Department.

Their explorations included the Acropolis, Parthenon and seeing the fascinating exhibits in the Acropolis Museum.

They also spent time in the Peloponnese region, visiting the Ancient Stadium of Olympia where they were challenged to run a 200-metre race, before stopping off at the historic fortress of Nafplion to take in some of the best examples of neo-classical architecture in Greece.

Speaking after her return, Year 10 student, Anna Marcou, said: “The trip was an amazing experience… it’s fascinating to see how forward thinking the ancient Greeks were”

Nick Christopher, also Year 10, commented: “I’ve been to Greece before but I don’t think I appreciated the culture and history of the place as much as I did on this trip”

Deputy Headteacher, Mr  Vassiliou, said all the students were a credit to the school and their families.

“We enjoyed a fascinating archaeological insight into ancient civilisations and the different periods of Greek history, highlighting the ongoing influence of the Ancient Greeks over so many areas of modern life.

“It also provided GCSE Modern Greek students with a wonderful opportunity to practice their use of the Greek language,” he said.

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