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Storage and System Software

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A device used to store large amounts of data.
Read only memory. This is non-volatile memory or storage containing data that cannot be changed.
Random access memory. This is volatile memory that is constantly being written to and read from. It does not retain its contents without a constant supply of power. When a computer is turned off, everything stored in its RAM is lost.
A form of computer memory that stores data even when not powered.
The memory used to store computer program data while it is being executed. RAM is the main type of volatile memory. It is volatile because when power is switched off it no longer retains any data.
Non-volatile memory external to the computer and used for long-term storage of programs and data.
A special purpose computer built into another device.
Physical devices that are used to transfer data.
Hard disk drive
non-volatile memory
Volatile memory
Secondary storage
Embedded system