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Local Governors' Attendance Record 

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Apologies Received

6th September 2018 SCS YP, RA, MK, CF, MF, TT, MPI
24th September 2018 LGB YP, RA, MK, AK, CY, MPI, MP BA, SA, TT, CF, MF
6th November 2018 SCS MK, RA, MPI YP, CF, MF, TT
6th November 2018 FWC MK, RA, BA YP, MF, CF, TT
26th November 2018 FBP SA, RA, YP, MP, MK  
26th November 2018 S&D MP, RA, SA, MK, AK  
17th December 2018 LGB YP, RA, AK, MPI, MP, BA, SA, CF TT, MF, MK, CK
22nd January 2019 SCS    
22nd January 2019 FWC    
11th March 2019 FBP    
11th March 2019 S&D    
2nd April 2019 LGB    
21st May 2019 SCS    
21st May 2019 FWC    
17th June 2019 FBP    
17th June 2019 S&D    
15th July 2019 LGB    

Governors attendance 2017/18

Governors attendance 2016/17

Governors attendance 2015/16


LGB: Local Governing Body

FBP: Finance, Buildings & Premises Committee

FWC: Faith, Worship & Community Committee

SCS: Students, Curriculum & Standards Committee

S&D: Staffing & Development Committee


YP: Yiannis Pareas

RA: Robert Ahearn

CF: Costas Frangeskides

MF: Maria Frangeskides

BA: Bishop Athanasios

SA: Savvas Agathangelou

MK: Mary Karaolis

MP: Marina Pareas

MPI: Michael Pieri

TT: Theo Theodorou

AK: Adele Klitou

CK: Chris Kyprianos

Latest News

Wednesday 16th January: Latest Ofsted 2018 Report . Click the following to read the Headteacher's Letter and the Ofsted Report

Thursday 10th January: Year 11 Parent/Carer Evening in Building 4 from 3:30pm-6:30pm; Pay & Display has been suspended in the North London Business Park for the white bays only opposite Building 5. Please ensure you park in the correct area if travelling by car. We look forward to see you.  

Tuesday 8th January:Welcome back to our school community. 

Friday 21st December: School will finish for students at 1:30pm. We would like to wish our school community a Merry Christmas. School will reopen  to students on Tuesday 8th January 2019. Have a good break!

Monday 17th December: A reminder for Year 11 Parent/Carer's to book their appointments for the Year 11 Parent/Carer evening on Thursday 10th January 2019. Instructions on how to book were attached to your child's report that was distributed last week. Click here to go to the online booking system

Monday 3rd December: The majority of the Year 11 Mock exams have been completed. GCSE Art students will be working on their tasks over the next 2 days. Normal lessons resume for Year 11. 

Friday 30th November: St Andrew's Day: Wishing all members of our school community a happy name day!

Thursday 29th November: Thank you to every one who attended the 6th form open evening. Please click here to apply for your place.

 GCSE Results 2018:


Click here for news on our amazing results

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