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Exam Results 2020

Exam Results 2020

A Level results are released to students on Thursday 13th August and GCSE results on Thursday 20th August.

Our arrangements for collection of results are necessarily a little different this year due to the coronavirus situation. Year 13 students will be invited to attend at a set time to collect their results from Building 4 Hall on the morning of the 13th August between 9:00am and 12:00pm. A parent or carers may accompany them and must follow the necessary health and safety measures when on site.

Staff will also be available on the day in order to assist students with University Clearing.

Our arrangements for collection of GCSE results are similar in that students will be invited to attend at a set time to collect their results from Building 5 Hall on the morning of the 20th August between 9:00am and 12:45pm. Once again, a parent or carer may, of course, accompany them and must follow the necessary health and safety measures when on site.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team will be present on the day to discuss results and enrol students to our Sixth Form.

What to do if you are disappointed with your grades

In the first instance, please make sure you talk to us in school on results day. The most important thing, and the guiding principle of the awarding process, is that you should be able to progress to the next stage of your education. School staff will be able to support and advise you on that.


This year there is no appeal process available directly to you. The school can only appeal if there has been an error in the information submitted or there is evidence that the exam boards have not applied their standardisation process correctly. We have checked our submitted grades very carefully so the first of these grounds is very unlikely to apply. We will of course check all grades awarded so that we and you can be confident that the standardisation has been accurately applied. It is highly unlikely we would be able to appeal.


There will be an autumn series of exams for students wishing to resit. The entry deadlines for these are not until September so there is some time available to make decisions. If you do think that you might wish to resit an exam please do discuss that with us. Again, the important thing for you is progression to your stage and any resits you do will require a significant investment of time and effort which could be at the expense of your ongoing courses. If you are staying on in the sixth form and have not received a grade 4 or better in one of you English exams or in maths then you will need to resit those as a condition of continuing your studies and we will be making arrangements to support you with this with the aim of entering you with the best chance of success in summer 2021.

Centre Assessed Grades

If you are disappointed in your grades and particularly if you need to discuss resits then you will be interested in the Centre Assessed Grades that we submitted. if you would like to receive these, please email us after results days (i.e. On or after Friday 14th August for A levels  and on or after Friday 21st August for GCSEs). Please note that you would need to make this request and we will send them to your school email address if requested.

Please email


Details of the process for the submission of the Centre Assessed Grades are available here.

Please also see Ofqual’s Student guide to post-16 qualification results Summer 2020 here.

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