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6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 12 History
Term 1Reality and Illusion USA - Truman 
Students assess the achievements of Harry S Truman as US president
Assessment: 25 mark essay question in class.Key Words and Terms
Term 1Tudors - Henry VII  
Students assess Henry Vii's consolidation of power, his style of government, his relations with foreign powers.
Assessment: Assessment using practice A Level essay questionsKey Words and Terms
Term 2Reality and Illusion USA - Eisenhower
Students discuss and assess the achievements of President Eisenhower in terms of the Cold War, domestic politics, the Red Scare and Korea.
Assessment: Students are assessed through a combination of discursive essay and evaluative source questions, in the style of the AQA exam.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Henry VII part 2  
Assess and understand English society during the fifteenth century, Economic relations and art and culture during his reign.
Assessment: Assessment via A Level-style practice questions.Key Words and Terms
Term 3-4Reality and Illusion - Kennedy   
Students assess the achievements of President Kennedy. They look at his background and early life, the challenges he faced, his domestic achievements and challenges; his foreign policy achievements, especially in regard to the Cold War and the Cuba.
Assessment: Students write essays using AQA criteria; source evaluation and causation / analysis tasks.Key Words and Terms
Term 3-4Tudors - Henry VIII   
Students understand and assess the key features of Henry VIII's reign
Assessment: Students complete essay writing tasks in line with AQA criteria.Key Words and Terms
Term 4-5 Reality and Illusion- Johnson   
Students discuss the achievements and failures of JBJ, including Vietnam, Civil Rights and the Great Society.
Assessment: Students are assessed using AQA essay formats.Key Words and Terms
Term 4-5Henry VIII part 2: English society, economic change.   
Students consider the structure of society under Henry VIII, including reasons for rebellion; trade and exploration and prosperity.
Assessment: Students assessed through essay tasks completed in class. Key Words and Terms
Term 5-6Henry VIII part 3 - Religious reform   
Students understand religious change and reform during Henry's reign, including the ideas and intellectual change behind key ideas.
Assessment: Essay tasks in class according to AQA criteria.Key Words and Terms
Term 5-6Johnson part 2   
Students assess Johnson's impact on Civil Rights, and the ongoing struggle of the activists during this period, including major demonstrations, controversies and legislation.
Assessment: Assessment via AQA essay writing tasks; both analytical essays and source evaluation.Key Words and Terms