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KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 French
Term 1Au collège   
Au collège In this unit, pupils will describe the difference between school in the UK and in French-speaking countries and talk about a school exchange, discuss school rules, as well as healthy eating and vices. Grammar points will include the pronouns il and elle, the imperative, timeframes and the phrases il faut and il est interdit de.
Assessment: End of unit assessment to check knowledge and understanding in Listening, Reading, Writing and Translation. Speaking is practiced in lesson. Key Words and Terms
Term 2Bon travail !    
This unit is about the world of work: jobs, work preferences, career choices, plans, hopes and wishes, applying for jobs and case studies, including working in tourism. Grammar points will include: the subjunctive, direct object pronouns in the perfect tense, ‘verbs + à or de’ and using better/ worse’ and ‘the best/ the worst’.
Assessment: November exams. Students sit the four papers in exam conditions and are graded according to GCSE grade boundaries. All skills are assessed, covering the full content of the course. Key Words and Terms
Term 3Revision   
Revision starts in term 3, as we finish covering the content of the course by the end of December. We start by reviewing themes 1 and 2, which were studied in Year 10, while students get further opportunities to practice all key skills, including translation techniques.
Assessment: February Exams. Students sit four papers (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) which include all the skills required for the GCSE exams. Students sit all four papers in their tier of entry (Higher or Foundation) and are graded according to past grade boundaries.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Revision    
Revision continues after the February exams, to focus on theme 3 (covered in Year 10) and on possible misconceptions or needs as identified in the February Exams. More focus and emphasis on translation - both French to English and English to French.
Assessment: All skills are assessed based on class work and homework. Peer or self assessed to further develop students' understanding of mark schemes. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Exams   
Final revision before GCSE exams.
Assessment: GCSE Examination The Speaking Exam takes place soon after the Easter break, at the start of term, followed by the Listening, Reading and then Writing exam, usually in the first week of the exam period. Key Words and Terms