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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 9 Drama
Term 1Fame  
Fame - Students will learn how to devise a scene. They will use role-play, thought-tracking and still image to ‘mark the moment’.They will explore the topic of Fame using drama explorative strategies amongst many others.
Assessment: Students create a piece of theatre focused on the scheme of work FAME.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Explorative Strategies   
Explorative Strategies - Students will develop their performance skills further through the use of explorative strategies. They will explore an extract of script using still image, thought tracking, marking the moment and cross-cutting.
Assessment: Students create a piece of drama using the explorative strategies they have learnt this term.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Monologues and Duologues   
Monologues and Duologues - Students will select and develop monologue and duologues and explore how to perform these. Students will also write their own monologues.
Assessment: Students perform a monologue.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Babyfather   
Babyfather - Students will work on a scripted performance. They will need to work and demonstrate understanding of script analysis, stage directions, subtext, characterisation, scenario, Naturalism, Magic If, reaction, blocking/choreography, Facial Expression, Gesture, Body Language/Movement, Voice & Space.
Assessment: Students perform a scene from Babyfather.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Forum Theatre   
Forum Theatre - Focusing on the practitioner Boal and looking at the rules of Forum Theatre. Looking at the stories of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. Exploring the text of Antigone and linking the theme to Forum Theatre.
Assessment: Students will create a piece of Forum theatre relating to oppression.Key Words and Terms
Term 6War   
War - Utilising and developing all drama skills explored during this year. Focusing on devising and working as an ensemble using the explorative strategies of Still Image, Thought Tracking, Narrative, Hot Seating, Role Play, Cross cutting and marking the moment.
Assessment: Students will create a piece of theatre incorporating skills they have learnt this year.Key Words and Terms