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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Drama
Term 1Banksy; Social and Political Arts    
Physical Theatre - Students will learn how to use their bodies to create the set, props and atmosphere of the play. They will be exploring transitions using slow motion and also cannon, mirroring and unison techniques.
Assessment: Students create a piece of original Physical Theatre to perform.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Bullying   
Silent Movies - Students will learn how to use facial expressions, body language and mime to show meaning in a variety of scenes without using spoken language.
Assessment: Students create a silent movie and perform it.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Introduction to Staging    
Status - Students will learn how to show the status of a character by using voice, levels, proxemics, physicality & movement. They will work on symbolism and explore the stories of Anne Frank, Prince Johnny and The Cuban Boys. They will use the drama techniques of still image, though tracking and narration as well as role-play and cross-cutting.
Assessment: Students create a sensitive performance piece based on one of the three stories they have studied in this unit of work.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Script work; Blood Brothers   
Bullying - Students will focus on issue based theatre and around the theme of bullying. They will learn essential skills such as: a successful still image, status, thought tracking, and split scene as well as exploring bullying through the script Sparkleshark.
Assessment: Students perform a scene from Sparkleshark.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Fame   
Greek Theatre - Links drama with the culture of Greek theatre – exploring the origins, the amphitheatre, comedies and tragedies, story of Medusa, Pandoras Box and King Midas through the use of chorus work and devising techniques.
Assessment: Students create and perform a scene from Greek Theatre.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Exploring Comedy   
Soap Opera It utilises and develops Drama skills explored during the year – using the theme of Soap Opera as a catalyst through which team work, role-play, still-image and improvisation can be developed into a fully assessed performance.
Assessment: Students create an episode of an original soap opera.Key Words and Terms