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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 Drama
Term 1Intro to Drama  
Intro to Drama - This unit is designed to introduce Year 7 students to basic Drama skills and vocabulary at the start of their KS3 Drama career. It provides students with the opportunity to develop team work and creative thinking skills.
Assessment: Practical performance at the end of the unit incorporating the new skills the students have learnt.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Ghosts and Horror   
Chocolate - Students will develop their understanding of improvisation, performance skills, performing text, working as a team and devising a physical theatre performance by exploring a duologue from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
Assessment: Performance of the duologue at the end of the unit of work. Students are assessed on their practical performance skills.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Scripts    
Scripts; We will understand the basic conventions of scripted drama, including layout, character, dialogue and stage directions; understand concepts of making effective use of space and tailoring scripts to needs of audience. Students are given the opportunity to follow a small production of a scene through from conception to performance.
Assessment: Learn and perform a short script in front of your classKey Words and Terms
Term 4Charlie And The Chocolate Factory   
Super heroes - Students will build upon the skills learnt last half term such as: body language, facial expressions, still image, role play, levels and audience awareness. Students will be introduced to new explorative strategies to use in their performances, such as: Narration, Split scene and Thought tracking.
Assessment: Students perform a scene they create incorporating some script work using the new drama strategies they have learnt in this scheme of work.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Heroes and Villains   
Commedia - Students will gain knowledge of a dramatic genre. They will understand how traditions influence the theatre of today and experience how to physicalise stock characters. Understand drama terms such as: stimulus, given and devised scenarios, stock character, audience awareness, stage directions.
Assessment: Students choose a stock character from Commedia scheme of work and create a scene in the style of commedia for performance.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Physical Fairy Tales   
Spooky - Students will use a combination of physical theatre, devising and script work to create their own Spooky performances. Students are expected to incorporate music and sfx to underscore scenes and build tension whilst also exploring character motivations.
Assessment: Students use all the drama skills they have learnt this year to create a piece of Spooky performance work as a final performance piece in Year 7.Key Words and Terms