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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 French
Term 1Bienvenue!   
In this unit pupils learn the basis for successful learning in French: to introduce themselves, use “avoir” to give their age, start counting, say when their birthday is, talk about objects in the classroom and describe colours, where they live, the weather and what they like to do.
Assessment: This first assessment will be used as a baseline assessment to further refine sets. Set changes will happen following this assessment, to best suit students' needs and abilities. Key Words and Terms
Term 2C’est perso   
In this unit pupils learn to talk about themselves in more detail, as well as other people, using a range of adjectives and endings, as well as pronouns (je, tu, il/elle) in the present tense.
Assessment: Three skills are tested in this assessment: Listening, Reading, Writing. Students be further introduced to preparing the paragraph for their Writing prior to the exam: they will develop skills of preparing a script, reviewing based on advice and memorising for the assessment. Grades Bronze to Gold. Key Words and Terms
Term 3Mon collège   
This unit is all about school life: subjects, opinion on subjects and sharing opinions or disagreeing, times and timetables and food. Pupils will learn to use the pronoun ‘on’ and the partitive article. We will look at schools in other French-speaking countries.
Assessment: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Translation Translation will be formally assessed for the first time. Students will be expected to translate sentences, ranging from simple to slightly longer. For the Speaking assessment, students will prepare their answers to 4 questions prior to the exam, then have the opportunity to review the and practice them thoroughly, before being assessed on their pronunciation, fluency and ability to expand.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Mes passetemps   
In this unit, pupils will learn to discuss their free-time activities, including time online, sports and general activities. They will use ‘aimer + infinitive’ and a range of grammatical structures.
Assessment: Students are tested on their Listening, Reading, Writing and Translation skills. The content covers the current module of work, as well as prior knowledge.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Ma zone   
This unit will teach pupils how to describe their area and to give directions to a range of places. They will describe where they go at the weekend using ‘à + definite article’ and learn to invite someone out using ‘je veux/ tu veux’. They will also use ‘on peut + infinitive’ to say what they can do in town.
Assessment: Students will be assessed on three skills: Listening, Reading, Writing. The assessment will include the content of the unit, as well as elements of study from the beginning of year 7.Key Words and Terms
Term 63… 2… 1 Partez!   
This unit is all about holidays: before (getting ready), during, and future holiday plans. Pupils will discover a range of verb tenses: future, conditional and more on the present, with reflexive verbs. After this unit, we will work on cross-curricular topics: animals, poetry and art.
Assessment: The end of year assessment will cover all the content students have studied in the course of the year, with the ability to achieve Grade 2. Key Words and Terms