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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 PSHCE
Term 1Who am I?
Pupils are to understand what PSHCE consists of and to realise that it is a lesson where they can express themselves and learn life skills. This topic includes emotions and feelings to encourage students to talk about how they are feeling and consider methods of how to cope with life challenges.
Assessment: N/AKey Words and Terms
Term 2Diversity
This topic involves pupils understanding about different cultures and what rights people have. This topic should also get them to understand how things have changed with regard to equality, prejudice and poverty.
Assessment: N/AKey Words and Terms
Term 3You and Other People
Pupils will learn about the need for social skills in society and consider the reasons for tolerance and communication.
Assessment: N/AKey Words and Terms
Term 4SRE and Relationships
Pupils will learn about puberty and how to cope with embarrassing situations that may arise. Both girls and boys will be together so they can learn to understand and support each other through what can be a very difficult time of their life. E.g. Puberty, emotional and physical changes, positive and negative relationships, consent.
Assessment: N/AKey Words and Terms
Term 5Global Citizen
Pupils will learn about global crises and how we can help to support certain issues in the world. Project development included.
Assessment: N/AKey Words and Terms
Term 6Staying Healthy
Pupils will learn about how to keep themselves healthy physically and mentally by understanding the right foods to eat, to the type of exercise they need to do and how to stay positive and happy.
Assessment: N/AKey Words and Terms