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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 History
Term 1What is History?   
What is History? How did the Normans Conquer England? - What happened to the Tollund man? - Who were the different contenders to the throne? - What happened at the Battle of Stamford Bridge? - Why did William win the Battle of Hastings? - How did William control England?
Assessment: Assessment How did William control England? Students explain in their essay how William controlled England. Key Words and Terms
Term 2What was medieval life like?   
What was medieval life like? - Why was the Medieval Church important? - What was Medieval work like? - How much of an impact did the Black Death have? - How important were women and children in Medieval England?
Assessment: Mini-Exam: Medieval Life GCSE style assessment. Key Words and Terms
Term 3How & Why Did People Come Into Conflict in Medieval Europe?   
How and why did people come into conflict in Medieval Europe? - How much did the Magna Carta change? - How successful was the Peasants’ revolt? - How and why did Scotland and Wales come in to conflict with England? - What was the 100 Years’ War? - How important was the War of the Roses?
Assessment: Mini Exam: Students complete a GCSE-style mini-exam on conflict in Medieval Europe. Key Words and Terms
Term 4How ‘small’ was the Medieval World?   
How ‘small’ was the Medieval World? Travelling and Moving in the Medieval World. - How did pilgrim’s progress? - How much were Jews persecuted in the middle Ages? - What were the Crusades? - How important was trade? - How far did Macro Polo travel and what did he find?
Assessment: Sources Mini-Exam Students complete a GCSE style assessment on sources regarding Salah al Deen. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Which Medieval Empires Were Important?
Which Medieval Empires were important? - Why was the Mali Empire so strong? - What happened to Byzantium? - What was the impact of the Arab empires? - Why did the Ottoman Empire grow? - What was Great Zimbabwe?
Assessment: Students write a diary as a medieval traveller, showing their understanding of the different medieval empires.Key Words and Terms
Term 6The Renaissance
The Renaissance - What was the Renaissance? - How did Renaissance artists revolutionise art? - What did the humanists believe? - What happened to Albrecht Durers’ rhino? - Who was the greatest Renaissance individual? - Why did Europeans explore the world?
Assessment: End of Year ExamKey Words and Terms