Year 11 — Travel & Tourism

Terms 1-4: EXAM Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector

A: Understand the UK travel and tourism sector and its importance to the UK economy.

Students will look at the effects of tourism on the UK's GDP.

B: Know about the industries, and key organisations, within the travel and tourism sector, their roles and interrelationships.

Students will study key websites, travel agents, tour operators, regulators and authorities within the travel and tourism sector.

C: Understand the role of consumer technology in the travel and tourism sector.

Students will look at the benefits of online systems and apps to the sector.

This unit is examined at the end of year 11. Students will sit one exam paper.

There are a variety of short questions within the exam - with multiple choice and one-mark questions.

There are also a couple of extended-writing questions.

  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Social
  • Cultural

Develop the individual:

Students reflect on the health and safety, moral and ethical principles which underpin the authorities which govern the tourism industry.

Create a supportive community:

Students reflect on the correct ways of operating within the sector in order to ensure people's safety, enjoyment and dignity.