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Assessment Map - English
YearTimeUnitReading (AO1-4)Writing (A05)SPAG (AO6)Presenting (AO7)Listening and Responding (AO8)Speaking and Presenting (A09)Short - reading (1-2)Reading - fiction (15)Writing - fiction (40)Reading - non-fiction (15)Reading - compare (14)Reading - compare (6)Writing - non-fiction(40)Literature (20)
7Term 1Fairytales11100000000000
7Term 2Reading a fiction text - Literature (Skellig by David Almond)01100000000001
7Term 3Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream00000000000001
7Term 4Non-fiction: Exam Preparation11100000010010
7Term 5Introduction to Poetry 11100000000000
7Term 6Modern Drama: Frankenstein00000000000000
8Term 1Gothic Fiction11100011100000
8Term 2Extended Reading: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas11100011100000
8Term 3Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing11100000001100
8Term 4Poetry00000000000000
8Term 5Speeches – Non-Fiction Texts00000000000000
8Term 6Modern Drama - Post 1914 Play, Noughts & Crosses00000000000000
9Term 1EDEXCEL – Paper 1, Section B: Imaginative Writing00000000000000
9Term 2English Literature - Paper 1 Sec A: Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet00000000000000
9Term 3English Literature - Paper 1 Sec A: Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet00000000000000
9Term 4Poetry – Conflict. Practice for EDEXCEL Literature Anthology00000000000000
9Term 5English Language Non-Fiction Texts00000000000000
9Term 6Literature: Of Mice & Men 00000000000000
10Term 1Modern play (Lit Paper 1 section B) An Inspector Calls00000000000000
10Term 219th Century Fiction Extracts (Lang Paper 1 Sec A) and Creative Writing (Lang, Paper 1 sec B)00000000000000
10Term 3Poetry from Edexcel Anthology – Cluster on Conflict (Lit Paper 2, Sec B)00000000000001
10Term 4Literature – Romeo and Juliet (Literature paper 1 section A)00000000000000
10Term 5Romeo and Juliet & English Language Exam Practice00000000000000
10Term 6Mock Preparation & Year 11 Preparation (Spoken Language)00000000000000
11Term 119th Century Novel (Lit Paper 2 Sec A) The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.11100000000000
11Term 2Edexcel Poetry Anthology – Conflict Cluster & Mock Exam Preparation00000000000000
11Term 3Writing Skills Revision & Literature Revision00000000000000
11Term 4Writing Skills Revision & Literature Revision00000000000000
11Term 5Final Revision 00000000000000
11Term 6Final Revision 00000000000000
12Term 1 and 2Component 2 - Comparative Prose 00000000000000
12Term 1 and 4Component 3 - Contemporary Poetry - The Forward Book of Poetry00000000000000
12Term 2 and 3Component 1 - Drama - Streetcar Named Desire00000000000000
12Term 5 and 6Term 5 and 6 Component 4 - Non-Examination Unit - The Picture of Dorian Gray00000000000000
13Coursework Component 4 -The Picture of Dorian Gray and one other text of your choice 00000000000000
13Drama Component - Othello by William Shakespeare and Critical Anthology 00000000000000
13Poetry in period - The Wife of Bath by Chaucer 00000000000000
13Poems of the Decade and unseen poetry 00000000000000
13Revision of the course for exams 00000000000000